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Senior International Tax Manager

Senior International Tax Manager

Salary commensurate with experience

Tax Department

The Tax Department reports to the Deputy Chief Financial Officer and consists of some 200 employees worldwide. The Tax Department is responsible for global tax compliance, tax accounting, business unit tax advice and tax planning for the Firm.

The Tax department ensures compliance with income and indirect tax filings, and monitors tax regulations and legislation. In addition, it calculates reports and discloses all of the Firm's tax-related expenses. The department also plans and manages the Firm's domestic and international tax strategies and advises Firm management and business units on business products, location and structure.

Position Description

The Tax Department is searching for an International Tax Professional who will be responsible for Tax on Cumulative Translation Adjustments (CTA) and related foreign currency issues. This position will work extensively with the Federal and International Tax teams as well as with various stakeholders in Controllers and Treasury.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Management of the Current and Deferred tax provision process on CTA of foreign consolidated subsidiaries (including entities that are disregarded into the US and foreign subsidiaries whose earnings are not indefinitely reinvested) and equity method investments
  • Reporting of tax on hedge gains and losses on CTA and assist in the analysis of tax (non)gross ups treatment for hedges on CTA
  • Review and reconcile tax on CTA to the firm’s books and records
  • Assist Domestic and International Tax compliance teams on the computation and review of certain taxable gains and losses for tax return purposes (e.g., Sec 987, Sec 988 and Sec 986(c))
  • Assist with IRS audit information requests relating to Sec 987 and other foreign currency issues
  • Monitor and validate legal entity population and analyze tax on CTA implications for entity restructurings, repatriations and liquidations as well as changes in APB 23 assertions
  • Analyze tax implications for changes in functional currency
  • Assist in the quarterly and yearend review of tax on CTA disclosures for Other Comprehensive Income (OCI)
  • Maintenance of Federal /State/Non-US tax rates for CTA within Tax Data warehouse
  • Maintain procedure documentation and service level agreements with stakeholders relating to reporting of tax on CTA

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