Stan Hamlet Associates Inc.

60 E. 42 Street, Suite 4600, New York, NY 10165



Salary: $135-155K+

Position Summary:


  • Assist in reviewing and analysis of foreign income tax provision reporting for all foreign subsidiaries in the consolidated group (including subsidiaries in foreign joint ventures).
  • Reviewing updates of pre-tax income/income tax for tax budgets, forecast and forecast updates for all foreign subsidiaries.
  • Prepare income tax returns as required by the Internal Revenue Service (5471, 5472, 5713, 8858, 8865 & 1120F).
  • Maintain the Tax basis for all foreign subsidiaries.
  • Calculate income inclusions as required by the Internal Revenue Code [Subpart F] and aware of US tax reform impacts such as, GILTI and 163j.
  • Update and estimate earnings and profits of all foreign subsidiaries, maintain tax paid pools, as well as compute tested income or loss.
  • Calculate available foreign tax credit for the consolidated group (Form 1118).
  • Perform International compliance research and tax planning as required.


  • Requires a Bachelor’s Degree in accounting or related field, and minimum 6 years of related work experience in international taxation and compliance; this includes AS740 tax provisions.
  • Must have working knowledge of excel; experience with CorpTax preferred.
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Must be a self-starter and work well without constant supervision.
  • Exceptional attention to detail and communication skills.
  • All candidates must be authorized to work in the United States.

Contact a Stan Hamlet Associate: 212-685-4884. Or Contact Stan Hamlet: 914-953-9028